Where there is hope, there is endless opportunity.

In these trying times, when left entirely to our own devices, it is easy to lose perspective and forget the plight of those around us. In times of crisis, such as those brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, a nation faces many challenges at both the micro and macro level. Whilst most public discourse has addressed challenges that exist at the macro level and the impact that will be felt by the collective; challenges faced at the individual level remain relatively unaddressed.

With the social distancing protocol still underway, many of us are staying away from our loved ones, friends, and family. What is crucial to remember, however, is that being physically distant does not necessarily mean we must be socially distant. In 2020, we have the ability to stay connected to each other through social media, and other internet-enabled digital platforms at the touch of a button.

The invaluable strength and support that we can gain from each other in such times of need knows no bounds. This is precisely what Akhuwat acknowledges and seeks to emphasise with its series of free ‘Hope-a-thon’ Webinars Akhuwat’s inaugural Hope-a-thon launched on the 2nd of May, 2020, connecting 14 esteemed thought leaders including Dr. Amjad Saqib, with thousands of virtual attendees via Facebook live. Each speaker delivered a brief talk on a diverse range of topics existing at the individual level—on conquering internal conflicts, on managing one’s responsibilities, and ultimately, on tackling the pandemic with the power of brotherhood. Attendees were encouraged to donate, and all proceeds went towards Akhuwat’s Corona Imdadi Fund.

To watch Akhuwat’s 1st Hope-a-Thon, please visit this link: