The Governor KP Interest Free Loan Scheme was launched in September 2015 with the aim to facilitate the needy and prospective entrepreneurs of FATA/FR. By providing access to financial services, the said scheme seeks to empower low-income families to make their own choices and construct their way out of poverty in a sustained and self-determined manner. Akhuwat Islamic Microfinance has been nominated as an implementing partner by FATA Development Authority.

Major Objectives of the Project:

  • To reach out to the low-income people in FATA/FR and support them to earn their livelihoods.
  • To help improve the socio-economic conditions of the target segment of the society through financial inclusion and social inclusion.
  • To create employment opportunities and encourage self-employment.

Salient Features of Project:

  • Interest free loan facility is only for resident of FATA/FR to start new business or expand current business.
  • Loan size ranges Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000.
  • Loans are disbursed in mosques/churches to ensure transparency and participation.
  • There is no mark-up or interest on these loans.
  • Loans are given after due scrutiny and appraisal according to an eligibility criterion, on first come first serve basis.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicant must be a resident of FATA/FR.
  • Applicant having the proper business plan.
  • Having age between 18- 60 years.
  • Applicant should have valid CNIC.
  • Applicant should be economically active.
  • Applicant should not be convicted of any criminal offence in lieu of which proceeding are in progress.
  • Applicant should have good social and moral character in his community.
  • Applicant should have capacity to provide two guarantors other than family members.

Progress Report (30th June 2019)


 Total Benefiting Families 54,979
 Total loans disbursed – Males 54,243
 Total loans disbursed – Females 736
 Amount Disbursed PKR 1,674,568,000
Percentage Recovery 100%
 Active Loans 28,120